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Corporates – Duplicate - Emertxe Custom

 Looking to upskill your employees?

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Emertxe for Corporates

Emertxe understands talent management has become strategic priority for corporate organizations. We offer comprehensive suite of training programs,pre-trained engineers and co-creation possibilities to hire, nurture and grow your employees.

Customized training

Fresher induction to up-skilling senior staff, our custom trainings enable your team to be productive.


Higher selection ratio | Reduced ramp-up | 100% joining – Achieve all by hiring our trained graduates.


Co-create course contents with Emertxe. Get custom manpower trained on it and hire them.

Our Technology Portfolio

Course Categories


  • Embedded C
  • Embedded C++
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • BASH Shell Scripting
  • Python for IoT and Automation
  • Micro-controller programming (PIC / Arduino)
  • Peripheral & Sensor interfacing (IoT)
  • Embedded Application development
  • Protocols – I2C, CAN, LIN etc.
  • Linux Scripting
  • Linux Internals & TCP/IP Networking
  • Embedded Linux on ARM
  • Embedded Linux Porting and Application Development
  • Yocto Build Framework
  • Linux Device Drivers programming
  • Embedded Android – Architecture
  • Building Embedded Android
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  • Sensor and Peripheral interfacing
  • Device drivers ecosystem
  • Qt Application Development using C++
  • UI Development using QML and Qt Quick
  • Qt for Embedded Systems
  • Customized, project driven Qt for corporates
  • IoT Architecture
  • Setting up IoT work-flow using various platforms
  • IoT Device programming
  • IoT Gateway programming
  • IoT Protocols: HTTP, CoAP, MQTT, AMQP, 6LoWPAN
  • IoT Cloud Infrastructure
  • Performance and Security in IoT

Got a custom training requirement?


We have worked with startups, mid-size organizations and large corporations. Here is a snapshot of various corporates with whom we have worked on different assignments.

Customised Training for Corporates

Trainings are investments on your manpower, Emertxe work as an L&D partner ensuring necessary outcome is achieved. Technology expertise combined with training methodologies and processes ensure you get maximum ROI on your talent management investments.

Online Interventions

Our e-learning platform can be leveraged post training to ensure necessary support is provided for continuous learning

Outcome Focused

Measurable outcomes from training programs to create necessary impact in your business

Applied Learning

Use-case driven hands-on training that your employees will be able to apply in real-time work


Be it content or duration, we customize programs to ensure maximum effectiveness

Expert Mentors

Subject matter expert for specific topics to bring in necessary depth in terms of technology

L&D Partner

Induction trainings to lateral ones, we collaborate with you as your L&D partner

Hire Our Trained Engineers

Emertxe’s hands-on training combined with systematic processes makes entry level engineers employable. Our mentors ensure students build on projects that gives them real-time exposure.This overall ecosystem makes them Ready-To-Deploy (RTD) engineers.

Ready-to-deploy engineers


Zero charges for hiring our graduates.Just sign-up, our placement team will take care of the rest.

Better Hiring Ratio

Save time by having better hiring conversions.Our skill-enablement makes a difference for you.


Reduce ramp-up time and save training cost. Hire our engineers and grow your organization.

A quick snapshot


Company Tie-ups

Placement Drives / Month

We Season Them In

Hands-on Approach

Emertxe takes 70% practical + 30% theory in all our courses. Our assessment system gives higher weightage for practical deliverables.Learning is complete only with demonstrated output.

Strong Foundations

Technologies will change but foundations won’t. With our bottom-up approach, students build on sound foundations like Algorithms, Optimization, HW interfacing, OpenSource Linux etc.

Engineering Practices

Along with learning technology, our students apply them using sound engineering practices. Be it SDLC or iterative development, they do get exposed to real-time scenarios.

Look no more –

Leverage our RTD to get business results!

Many organizations already benefitted with our trained engineers in terms of time & money. If you are a startup, midsize or large organization leverage our Ready-To-Deploy (RTD) engineers.

Co-Create Training Programs

Shape a Course

Share your specific requirement and shape a course with us.Get custom trained manpower for you.

Custom Skilled Manpower

Leverage custom skilled manpower and gain unique advantage in your business and competitors.

Contribute to Ecosystem

Making an impact in shaping up engineer’s career. Build a strong brand presence in talent ecosystem.

We would love to co-create with you

Emertxe welcome organizations to co-create courses with us. Just fill-in your details below our Emertxe team will reach out to you and get started with co-creation.