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Linux Internals – Interview Preparation Guide – Free Download

As a part of our ECEP (Emertxe Certified Embedded Systems) program in Emertxe, we teach Linux Internals and Networking, where our students acquire in depth knowledge in Linux programming. It is necessary for an Embedded engineer to learn about operating system concepts and Linux internals(System calls, API’s, Interfaces). To give a glimpse on the following topics and provide a strong foundation skill we provide you with Linux internals interview questions.

Our objective is to make our students get started with writing system programs in Linux by teaching following concepts. We teach system calls, process, IPC mechanisms, Signals, threads, process synchronization, thread synchronization, inter-networking with TCP/IP, socket programming, process management and memory management. Interview questions based on all above given topics are provided in the link below.

In order to crack technical interviews, Emertxe has created some frequently asked questions in above mentioned topics. Make use of it to the core and get benefited.

Linux Interview Essentials – Part I (OS concepts, System-calls, IPCs, Threads)

Linux Interview Essentials – Part II (TCP/IP & Socket programming)

Linux Interview Essentials – Part III (Memory management)

Linux Interview Essentials – Part IV (Process management)

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