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Embedded Systems Jobs - For Freshers

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Embedded systems jobs – For freshers

Embedded systems jobs for freshers – Dexcel designs and Cupola Technology

This week around two more companies are participating in recruitment of our students.

Dexcel designs - embedded systems jobs placement client

  • Dexcel design ( – It is an embedded system design house working on products in the areas of Defense, Automation, Semiconductor and Security areas. In the past Dexcel recruited our students for embedded systems jobs, we are glad to have them again as a part of our placement process.


Cupola Technology - Embedded systems jobs client


  • Cupola Technology ( – Cupola Technology is an offshore product development, services and product incubation center with a focus on product development for emerging technologies. Key focus areas are Embedded systems and Cloud computing.

With technologies coming together (thanks to advancements in areas like IoT), embedded systems jobs offer significant career opportunities for freshers. The primary requirement for these companies to have engineers to taking-up projects quickly by bringing in hands-on experience in Advanced C and Linux progamming. With clear focus towards job enablement team Emertxe continue to ensure more and more of our trained students land in embedded systems jobs with such good product development companies recruiting from us.

In Emertxe we have been offering Embedded systems course for beginners to get into embedded systems jobs. Targeted for fresh engineers or professionals who want to shift to embedded domain, this course provides necessary fundamentals. By the end of the course students will get a job in leading organizations, our placement record like this talks for the same. As a philosophy we believe in open source and open way of learning. Hence all our course materials, tools and methodology takes a open approach.

Best Embedded systems training institute with placements in Bangalore.


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