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Emertxe - Embedded & IoT Institute’s grand participation in India’s leading IoT Exhibition - 2019 - Emertxe Custom

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Emertxe – Embedded & IoT Institute’s grand participation in India’s leading IoT Exhibition – 2019

India Electronics Week (IEW) is the flagship annual IoT conference held in Bengaluru which unities the entire electronics industry. This is an annual event, where exhibitors, innovators, designers, manufacturers or sellers presenting electronic products meet and explore potential possibilities. This event includes exposition, conference, workshops and seminars in IoT and embedded product development. In IEW conference exposes students, industry experts, researchers and business owners to the smarter world of electronics. Statistically it attracts 100+ plus speakers, 10000+ plus visitors and 150+ exhibitors.This year India Electronics Week 2019 conference will be held in Bengaluru from 26th to 28th February 2019. This conference is organized by country’s leading electronics media – Electronics For You.

India electronics week

IoT Show:

Under the umbrella of India Electronics Week, many conferences and events are planned with specific focus areas.IoT show is one of the events, which deep dives into Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting technology enthusiasts, makers and creators, solution integrators and customers of IoT together. This end-to-end ecosystem connectivity makes IoT show as one of the sought after one for every electronics engineer. Along with bringing everybody together IoT show brings host of keynote address, knowledge sharing sessions and practical workshops. This ensures everybody in the IoT ecosystem, including Professionals, and Fresh Engineers has a takeaway from the conference.

The training and the workshop around IoT and Embedded  is a quick and fun way to skill up technological aspects of IoT. At the end of the event audience will learn various aspects of IoT programming and product development which includes Architectural understanding of IoT, Solution building, Hacking, Application design and learn about latest advancement ranging from Intel’s vision technology; from automotive IoT applications, and Smart City IoT automation, to building a drone. These workshops are delivered by leaders and subject matter experts from specific area, who will pass on the latest technology to participants.

Emertxe in India Electronics Week and IoT show:

With deep expertise in Electronics, Embedded Systems and IoT domains Emertxe’s subject matter experts have been contributing to IEW and IoT show over the years. Here is a glance of what we have done so far.

IEW 2014 : Design challenges in IoT

During India Electronics Week 2014, Jayakumar Balasubramanian (Director – Technology) gave a presentation on Design Challenges in IoT by sharing real-time experience of team Emertxe. It included case studies from Consumer IoT (Agro Automation) and Industrial IoT (Machine and Productivity Management). The presentation called out the importance of designing products by taking non-functional aspects in IoT product design. It called out aspects like network fail over handling, power management, memory management and code optimization.

India electronics week 2019| Emertxe in India electronics week 2014

IEW 2017 : AndroidThings – Building an Embedded Device

During India Electronics Week 2017, Mubeen Jukaku (Technology Head) gave a presentation on Android Things – Building Embedded Devices by calling out key aspects of Android’s vertical specific OS for IoT. This presentation gave deep architectural perspective of IoT OS. Starting with Embedded Linux, the Open Source based OS has come a long way. However traditional Linux doesn’t address some of the key requirements and challenges faced in IoT. Hence it gave raise to Google’s Android Things. It provides some key features like Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), OTA updates, Metrics and Analytics. The presentation gave deep view of all key features so that developers can start building IoT devices using Android Things.

India electronics week 2019| Emertxe in Iew 2017

IEW 2018 : Emertxe’s FullStack Embedded IoT course launch

India Electronics Week 2018 was a different year! It marked official launch of Emertxe’s FullStack Embedded IoT course by having an exclusive stall in collaboration with NSDC / ESSCI. Our team of experts consisting Jayakumar Balasubramanian (Director – Technology), Mubeen Jukaku (Technology Head) and Syed Adil (Hardware Design Head) steered the course launch by sharing details about Next Generation Skills for IoT by calling out skills that is required for engineers to launch their careers in IoT. It was attended by more than 2000 visitors consist of students, professors, working professionals and research heads of various companies. We are really proud to be the first institute in India to launch such an immersive IoT course.

India electronics week 2019| emert5xe in India electronics week 2018

Emertxe in IoT show 2019:

We are glad to share our grand participation in IoT show at India Electronics Week 2019 in form of two significant contributions.

Tech Talk – ‘Demystifying IoT skills : What does it take to become a FullStack IoT engineer?’ by Mr. Jayakumar Balasubramanian – Director of Emertxe

He will deliver a talk on IoT from technology, architecture and academic perspective by covering following aspects:
  • How to interpret IoT from skills perspective?
  • What additional skills an electronics engineer should have in order to have a career in this domain?
  • How different Embedded and IoT job profiles are?
  • What role protocols play in IoT?

Here is a brief video about the talk:


Hands-on Workshop on IoT – ‘Sensor-to-App: A hands-on workshop to build your end-to-end IoT solution’ by Mr. Syed Adil – Hardware Design Head, Emertxe

This IoT workshop at India Electronics Week 2019 in Bengaluru, will enable you to build an end-to-end IoT solution on your own. The audience will get a practical  view of IoT Architecture, Sensors, IoT Device, IoT Gateway and Cloud Platforms. Technically it will provide hands-on exposure to the “ Thing” aspect and its data flow from electronics / embedded design point of view. It includes deciding the sensor interface, understanding schematics to interface sensors, connecting device with an IoT Gateway, creating multitasking applications. Along with that participants will get integration view to some of the popular cloud based IoT platforms. By the end of the workshop participants will have their own end-to-end IoT solution working.

Here is a brief video about the talk:


IoT Show 2019 is for the people who have interest in technology. It is a quicker and easier way of gaining knowledge. You will also get a vast idea of IoT and enable you to  apply and create your own IoT solutions.You will get exposed to the smarter world. It’s a fun way to skill up with your technical aspects. So if you want to be smart why don’t you join us and see the better you in IoT show 2019?

Will keep you posted, watch out for this news sections for more updates!  If you have any queries, please feel free to Send us an email or Call us @ 8095557333    
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