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Emertxe Placements | Embedded System Courses with Placements | 2020

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Emertxe Placements in Embedded Systems and Embedded IoT – 2020 Report
Placement report 2020


Emertxe is a premier institution that provides embedded systems courses and training with placements. Emertxe’s courses, training and placements are always aligned to industry best practices and the curriculum is constantly updated by skilled mentors and embedded systems professionals from India’s innovation hub, Bangalore. Over the last two decades, 90,000 students have been trained and upskilled through Emertxe’s embedded system courses with 1000 placement tie-ups, to date. 

Emertxe’s continuing success is attributed to its agility in the dynamic response to the way technical education in embedded systems is being imparted. Since the pandemic began, transitioning to virtual classes with technical laboratory training through simulators, Emertxe distinguishes itself as supreme in providing online embedded systems courses with placements. Thus, Emertxe’s courses are held in high regard by the best companies hiring embedded system engineers. It is evident in the successful placements of Emertxe students during industry placements, as well as continuous positive feedback from top hiring companies, including a host of multinationals. 

Emertxe Firefighting The Onset of COVID 

The placement year of 2019 ended on a high note of 430+ placements. 2020 was a promising year for Emertxe. All set on its mission of bridging the gap between academia and on-the-job skills required by the embedded systems industry. As shown in the graph below, in January and February the placement records were on the right trajectory. However, come March, as the world started shutting down in a series of lockdowns, progress slowed down. Between January and March, 30+ placement opportunities had been provided to Emertxe students. By April, placement records came to a standstill, with Qualcomm being the sole employer in that month. Placements had nearly flat lined in light of the countrywide lockdown, adding fuel to the fire. Onsite students had to immediately return to their hometowns, and uncertainty loomed for the future of these students as placement companies were unable to respond to the situation. Emertxe immediately stepped up its act. Its effective and efficient response to the COVID pandemic was to move to online classes, continue training and extend its placement support for up to one year after the course completion, providing its students with more certainty in the given situation.  

Embedded systems courses with placements

Rising From The Ashes: The Return of Placements

Despite immediate measures and compliance with National and State Government rules on lockdowns, by May it was clear to many organizations that COVID’s impact and presence would be prolonged. However, pre-planned investments had already been set in motion and firms needed embedded system engineers to release products into the market. Emertxe responded by providing virtual recruitment solutions where written tests, interviews, selection and onboarding occurred digitally, for placement companies and applicants from Emertxe. Companies found innovative solutions to access hardware remotely to facilitate this round of hiring. Placements resumed from the month of May, beginning with Altran (now known as Capgemini Engineering), Melange Systems, Alcodex Technologies, embedUR Systems and Analog Devices

Emertxe’s placement companies are categorised into 3 different categories. The first being MNC’s and large corporations like Qualcomm, Samsung Semiconductor, Honeywell, and Sasken to name a few that hired Emertxe students in 2020. The second being medium-sized companies like Acsia Technologies, Unizen Technologies, Radix Electrosystems that also offered embedded systems placements to Emertxe students. The third and final category is that of start-ups and small companies like Birgosha, Data Patterns that provide Emertxe students with immersive placement opportunities that enable them to make their mark in the embedded systems ecosystem. Emertxe embedded systems courses with placements prepare students to work for any company type of their choice and liking and as you can see, Emertxe placements cover the broad spectrum from MNC’s to startups. There is no limit to the success that can be achieved with Emertxe, so, inquire with us today to enrol into online embedded systems courses with placement opportunities.

Case Studies of Emertxe’s Trailblazing Women Engineers Securing Placements

We like to celebrate our student’s successes with them and feature their accomplishments and placements secured on our Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube profiles. Follow us on these platforms for the latest updates and to hear about our student’s journeys directly from the students themselves. In light of it being International Women Engineer’s Day, we would like to share the inspirational stories of our female students. Anjana Suresh, an engineering postgraduate, had been working for many years as a research assistant but had not been able to secure her dream job in the core embedded systems field. She came across Emertxe’s online upskilling programme, enrolled and sought support from the lab mentors to hone her technical skills and ultimately approached the placement team. Today, she has successfully joined Eximius Design as a core embedded engineer through Emertxe. Anjana was thus able to realise her long-term dream, fulfilled with Emertxe’s support. You can also hear the story of Aishwarya Haval from Karnataka and how she secured a placement with Honeywell despite the pandemic in the video below. 

The Flaming Future

2020 has been an exceptional year and has felt like jumping through a ring of fire, in simpler words, being no less than challenging. However, 2021 seems a promising year for the Emertxe team to continue providing its students with top placement opportunities along with providing the best online embedded systems courses and training not only for freshers but also upskilling professionals in the latest technologies. Facing challenges is likened to the polishing of a diamond, and we at Emertxe strive to continue shining brighter in the light of providing top companies with the best embedded system engineers produced by Emertxe.


The article has covered the challenges faced not only by Emertxe, but also by their counterparts, the embedded system placement companies. The solutions and innovations that were implemented to resurface from the challenges are also discussed. The article also covered the wide spectrum of placement companies hosted by Emertxe. Women engineer’s placement stories were highlighted in light of International Women Engineers day to remind ourselves that no matter how under-represented, hard work and perseverance at Emertxe always pays off in its rewarding ecosystem. In 2021, Emertxe continues to strive to pursue its mission to drive technology education in full capacity through online and onsite classroom and laboratory supported training to enable students to secure the best online embedded system placements based on their skill and capability. Join Emertxe today, if you wish to secure the best core embedded systems career.

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