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Emertxe Placements | Embedded Systems Placements | 2021 (Jan - June)

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Emertxe Placements in Embedded Systems and Embedded IoT – 2021 (Jan-June) Report
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Emertxe is India’s premier training institution for fresh engineering graduates wishing to pursue a career in core embedded systems and IoT. Established in 2003, Emertxe continues to fulfil its commitment to bridge the gap between academia and on-the-job skills required by the nearly $15-20 billion Indian embedded systems industry. 

As market leaders, we are able to provide the correct mix of training based on demand and market-driven best practices which lead to successful placement opportunities for our students and ultimately materialize into job offers. Our mission is not only completed by imparting industry-relevant knowledge and practical skills to our students. Instead, it is completed when our students strive to reach their potential and this is realized by companies willing to invest in their potential by hiring them through on and off-campus recruitment drives conducted by our placement cell. 

Emertxe has risen through the challenges placed by the pandemic and also upheld its responsibility of educating, training and mentoring fresh engineering graduates through the pandemic, even when it seemed impossible. This article looks at Emertxe’s progress since the onset and through the second wave of the pandemic. In addition, it points out the emerging industry trend of many companies establishing digital-first strategic initiatives and the way forward through the new normal. 

A glance at the past year 

2020 shaped the new normal for people and companies across the world through lockdowns and social distancing in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Emertxe’s team, Emertxe students and  Emertxe’s placement counterparts were no different in facing challenges and responding with changes through innovation and adaptability. If you want to find out more about these challenges and the consequent effect on the embedded systems ecosystem surrounding Emertxe, read our Emertxe Placements in Embedded Systems and Embedded IoT – 2020 Report

In this dynamic and increasingly hyper-competitive world, it is vital to respond to changes in the external and internal environments. Emertxe supported its students by extending their access to virtual training programs and placement opportunities. Emertxe also supported its placement counterparts through their transition in the embedded systems ecosystem with virtual recruitment and onboarding. This response to change was noticed across the board in companies in the embedded systems domain, irrespective of their size, whether a multinational or startup. 

Embedded systems placement

Despite the speculations surrounding the duration of the pandemic, all companies learned that being ‘digital first’ would be vital to their success and stability in the market. However, even the digital-first strategy comes with the caveat, as pointed out by Forbes’ article that states “strategies in today’s digital era should be guided by a people-first mindset”. The key takeaway from 2020 was that change is inevitable and the sooner people-centric change is embraced, the sooner its rewards can be reaped for the betterment of society on the whole. 

Placements 2021 (January – June)

2021 started on a good note with 11 companies hiring Emertxe trained embedded engineers in the month of January alone. In February, the number of companies hiring Emertxe embedded engineers more than doubled to 24. Even when the second wave of Coronavirus began raging like wildfire, with a cumulative record death toll of 26 million cases, Emertxe placements continued to gather at their pre-pandemic pace. Emertxe yet again proved its prominence in the embedded systems domain through the establishment of virtual hiring processes. This meant that placements could not only be fulfilled but also run safely and smoothly, in addition to regular online training and lab support sessions. 

All sizes of companies began responding with the digital-first approach in accordance with their production plans. They were getting back up again to absorb the supply of Emertxe’s professionally trained embedded engineers. Robert Bosch, Tata Elxsi, Honeywell, Harman, NXP Semiconductors, Qualcomm were a few companies along with medium-sized companies who began hiring Emertxe’s embedded engineers again. 

Emertxe had already been preparing for the resurge in market demand for qualified embedded engineers through virtual laboratory training sessions and tutorials. In addition, Emertxe’s student mentors introduced new and innovative methods to coach students digitally as they embraced the new normal of remote working. Emertxe’s mentors not only ensured students could confidently respond to interviews through mock practice, but, also could answer detailed topic-specific questions through preparatory sessions. These students were thus prepared and equipped with the knowledge to confidently soar through interviews. Interview to securing job placements conversions was high by industry-leading companies, typically large MNCs. 

Emertxe students were supported throughout their enrollment, where they were trained with technical and soft skills to harness opportunities provided by Emertxe’s placement cell. Emertxe’s supportive teaching methods and availability of mentors daily during business hours to clarify student doubts continue to contribute to its success in being India’s premier embedded systems institute and providing well-trained professionals to the industry. Emertxe provided its students with a virtual laboratory solution to learn and practice through the pandemic that simulated industry best practices. Emertxe thus supported and gave flight to the dreams of many students who secured placement with top companies in the embedded systems domain. 

During this time, Emertxe’s Skill India NSDC certification process was also digitised. This completed the full virtual cycle of online training, online placement and online certification of students. Emertxe’s success could now be scaled to unprecedented heights and more embedded engineers can be trained and upskilled to a professional standard. Although the Coronavirus pandemic has been challenging, the silver lining is that it accelerated digitisation and forced companies to innovate and be digital-first. Hence, embracing faster, safer and more efficient practices at a larger scale than before. 

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