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Embedded Systems Course | Placements | Jan - Sept 2022 Report

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Emertxe Placements in Embedded Systems and Embedded IoT – 2022 (Jan-sept) Report


Emertxe is India’s leading EdTech company for fresh engineering graduates who want to work in the field of Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). Established in 2003, Emertxe continues to fulfill its commitment to bridge the gap between academia and on-the-job skills required by the industry. Along with fresh engineers, working professionals who are aspiring to transition into the core domain take up our upskilling programs and achieve their goal of career transition. Both our Embedded Systems Course and Embedded IoT Course programs are offered in online as well as offline modes. As a part of our regular endeavor, we share our placement reports in an open manner like we have been doing in the past. This news post will share the insights about 2022 placements.

Emerging Post Pandemic

The pandemic has changed our lives drastically for the past 2+ years. As the world emerges out of pandemic, there are a lot more career opportunities now than there were before the pandemic. This is mainly due to flexible work arrangements and some related factors. According to us in team Emertxe, we see there are 4 main causes for a spike in job opportunities in the core Electronics and IoT segment after the pandemic:

1. MNC’s are Hiring Beyond IIT’s/NIT’s :

MNCs especially from the core Electronics / Embedded segment, used to recruit from prestigious Tier-1 Engineering colleges like the IITs and NITs. For these Tier-1 Engineering College Students, working with startups or becoming entrepreneurs has become very attractive due to the startup boom witnessed in India. Added to that Tier-2 and Tier-3 Engineering graduates are more suitable for generic IT skill based jobs due to the skill-gap. Because of this MNCs are unable to hire them. Hence they are exploring channels beyond typical campus hiring to fulfill their manpower needs. This is exactly the gap we at Emertxe is able to plug by primarily skilling Tier-2 and Tier-3 Engineering students and making them job ready in the fields of Embedded Systems and IoT. Because of the quality manpower offering, Emertxe has emerged as the MNCs’ top choice for employment channels.

2. Remote Working Has Been Normalized :

Remote working emerged as a driving force when the company lacked office space and wanted to attract more staff. Additionally, there was an increase in the number of working women since they valued remote work more than the office did. As it shed light on a healthy work-life balance and helped individuals become less stressed and more productive. Companies also became more comfortable in getting more work done remotely. As a combination of all these aspects more work started moving to India based Core Embedded and IoT companies.

3. New Age Domains :

More and more career prospects in the core have emerged as the New Age sectors are increasingly driven towards the core fields, such as Electric Vehicles, Industry 4.0 and Robotics. This is mainly due to the fact that these new age devices became a primary source to generate the data. As we all know data is the new oil, hence gaining prominence.

4. India Becoming The Electronics Hardware Hub :

The pandemic has also led to shortage in Electronic parts, thereby creating the Semiconductor Crisis. Added to that, many geo-political factors have turned out advantageous for India by making it an Electronics Hardware Hub. The government is trying to capitalize this by investing 76,000 crores on semiconductors which is expected to create 85,000 new job opportunities each year.

However, the supply side of Engineers is unchanged. While the quantity of engineers tends to increase year on year, their quality in terms of skills still remains a big challenge. Majority of the students have learnt engineering in a theoretical fashion, lacking the expectations from the industry. Due to this gap, the larger chunk of engineering graduates remain unemployed. On one side students do not achieve their career goals and objectives by getting into a job, on the other side companies struggle with a lack of productive employees. As more opportunities emerge post pandemic, team Emertxe is committed to make a difference with our continued focus on providing hands-on skill building programs in Embedded Systems and IoT.

2022 : An Amazing year of Placements at Emertxe

The year 2022 has been incredible for Emertxe Placements. As mentioned above, the post pandemic world has opened up so many job possibilities. Emertxe focuses on placements for freshers and working professionals making them proficient in Embedded System and IoT domains and having necessary skills for the industry level. They all work on developing core Embedded Systems across a range of industries, from automotive to the Internet of Things. For working professionals enrolling in our Embedded Systems course and IoT courses to obtain core segment positions. Flexible placement options are provided to working professionals in terms of interview scheduling and notice period management, so that they can transition into the core Embedded / IoT jobs. Companies resort to us time and time again because we offer skilled engineers who can provide them good ROI.

Typically the companies in Emertxe are divided into three groups. PFB the top hiring companies across these groups.

  • MNCs and large businesses having their India R & D Centers (Ex: Qualcomm, NXP, Chelsio Communications, Volvo, Microchip, Samsung, LG Soft etc.)

  • Mid-size companies are those with a few hundreds of employees involved in providing Engineering Services or doing indegenous product development (Ex: Spanidea, Delta IoT Solutions, Onward Technologies etc.)

  • Start-Ups: Business entities engaged in developing innovative embedded products (ex: Blaze Automation, Endurance, Relyxys, Spacegraph, Spacelabs etc.)

Click here to see how much we’ve grown from our previous year’s success placements.

And we are happy to report that 1009+ companies have held placement drives as of the beginning of October 2022 across all these three groups.

Embedded Systems Course



How Students Here at Emertxe Are Getting Benefitted ?

At Emertxe students and working professionals undergo training in courses like core Embedded Systems course and IoT courses for 6 months under professional trainers. Each of our mentors have a great deal of practical experience and are experts on the subject they handle. They will influence each student’s foundational learning and core subject understanding in a hands-on manner. There are individual class and lab mentors available for each subject that have a full understanding of the subject they are handling. At Emertxe, we make sure that the content and quality of the deliverables remain the same irrespective of the mentors by maintaining very high standards of quality.

In the beginning of the 4th month after completion of important modules like Advanced C programming,  Data Structures, Micro – Controllers, etc. Students should write a placement eligibility entry test to attend placement drives. The placement eligibility test checks for practical knowledge and skills needed by the placement companies. Typically students would have worked on 7-8 projects by the end of the course, which they would include on their resumes to stand out in the talent competition. By ensuring students meet placement company requirements during the selection process can boost their chances of getting selected during placements.

On the other hand, there are 5 to 6 placement drives every day where 100+ companies are competing for the talented students we deliver and paying them handsomely. Students here at Emertxe are benefited with an average salary of 4.1 LPA and the Highest salary of 28.75 LPA. They also get two years of unlimited embedded placement opportunities even after the completion of their course. This is done in order to provide students with the best possible embedded placements. There aren’t any limitations on how many companies one can apply to or how many companies they can attend. Here is the set of our recent success stories in the entry level / fresher segment.

For our high performing students, there is a big competition among companies as they want to grab the best. Due to their hands-on knowledge, placement companies immensely benefit in terms of higher efficiency, lesser cost and faster deployment time. Over the years we have observed that companies are able to reduce around 50% of their on-the-job training duration as our students are already skilled. The skills acquired by our high performing students here are equivalent to those of a working professional with two years of experience in the same sector. We have received testimonials from multiple top MNCs citing the value add mentioned above. Because of this End-to-End value addition, we are very proud to say that more than 80% of our placement companies are repeat recruiters.

Career Transition and Career Break Success Stories

Apart from adding significant value for the entry level engineers / freshers, the year 2022 also saw significant success stories coming from the Upskilling segment. At a high level this segment is divided into two categories.

1. Working Professionals looking for Career Transition :

These are the folks who after their   graduation, would have been forced to join any job that comes their way. They come from a wide spectrum of profiles which include IT / Application Engineers, Marketing / Sales Professionals, Engineering College Faculties who want to transition into corporate careers etc. For these professions we provide  online classes in the evening slot, making it convenient for them to attend the classes. By building on their skills they are able to give a facelift to their profiles and achieve career break. Here is the set of working professional success stories in the recent months of 2022.

2. Resuming Career After a Break :

These are the people who have been out of the workforce for a very long time. Taking a significant career break, perhaps as a result of the woman relocating to a different place post marriage, looking forward to resume their career after maternity break. And another set of people are those preparing for competitive exams but haven’t been successful. After several failed attempts to appear for exams like UPSC and IAS the moment of realization hit them in a way that they too want to join core companies and get settled in their life. Here is the set of success stories coming from the career break categories.

Low self-esteem, lower confidence, self doubt, and acceptance at the workplace are common issues in both categories as they are aspiring for something bigger and better for themselves. We resolve these challenges by focusing on skill development and giving facelift to their profile.

Why is Online Learning Here to Stay?

One of the shining positive results during the pandemic came in the form of online learning. It has become an accepted phenomenon among all. Universities and colleges are making preparations for the future as well as the present. As a result, more and more higher education programs are adding online courses to their list of available classes. Every adult, at whatever stage of their lives, can benefit from online learning. For those with a lifelong goal of continuing to learn, online education is also a choice for those wishing to develop knowledge and experience at a particular skill set.

Here at Emertxe, we are observing success stories from both online and offline courses. We all know that  an online classroom cannot completely replace a physical one. However, at Emertxe, we have built a digital environment supported by a strong model of structured intervention. This guarantees that the entire learning process—which includes conceptual understanding, practical application, assignments, regular examinations, and interview preparation sessions—takes place without any compromise on the overall effectiveness of delivery.  Here, students can ask mentors questions during live sessions. To enhance the involvement and engagement from our students,  mentors also continue to hold Q&A sessions, quizzes, and online competitions, among other activities.

In addition to the regular classes, there will be additional interview preparation and resume preparation sessions as well. As a result of this approach, we are seeing students from online courses are getting immensely benefited as a whole. Another benefit of taking an online course is that it is cost effective and  that you may attend sessions in the comfort of your own home, saving money on travel expenses, stay etc. In summary we see online learning is here to stay and we at Emertxe are looking forward to create maximum impact by leveraging our digital infrastructure.




In summary, Emertxe provides placements for everyone in the Embedded Systems course  and IoT ecosystem. Whether you are a fresh engineering graduate seeking to upskill yourself with practical knowledge in the Embedded Systems domain or a professional seeking to upskill for better employment opportunities or whether you’re looking for a career transition, or you’re someone who’s looking forward to resuming your career – Emertxe is your answer. Emertxe is different from other institutes because of its solid foundations in student-first approach that enables it to understand the hurdles faced and rise above the challenge.

With 1200+ placement companies, 100+ placement drives we see there is a huge demand for skilled Embedded and IoT Engineers in the job market. The rest of the 2022 hiring projections look very positive. There is no better time to Upskill yourself than now.

What are you waiting for?

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