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Fresher jobs with multiple companies
Last week, our students participated in recruitment drive with multiple companies

It’s been a great time for fresher jobs!

Fresher jobs

In the last week our students participated in fresher jobs – placement drives conducted by multiple companies on a daily basis. Here is a snapshot of companies:

These companies work on various domains of embedded systems – Consumer, Media, Networking, Telecommunications etc.

Our job oriented embedded systems course is designed, considering the expectations of these companies, Companies expects fresher to have strong problem solving skills, In-depth programming experience in C in Linux environment. In order to gear up our students, special coaching sessions (DISHA) were conducted on resume preparation, mock written-test followed by refresher sessions on programming.

Embedded systems domain significant job opportunities for fresher. We are already in talks with many other companies regarding fresher jobs for current / future batch student placements.

Best Embedded systems training institute with placements in Bangalore.


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