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Launch of India’s first Online Embedded Systems Course with excellent Placements - Emertxe

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Launch of India’s first Online Embedded Systems Course with excellent Placements
Indian First Online Embedded Systems Course

Emertxe, India’s pioneering institute in embedded systems engineering launches its first embedded systems online course. Like the many firsts we have done in the past, we will be the first institute in India to launch an immersive placement oriented Embedded systems training program online, certified and affiliated to ESSCI.

Emertxe, India’s pioneering institute in embedded systems engineering launches its first embedded systems online course. Like the many firsts we have done in the past, we will be the first institute in India to launch an immersive placement oriented Embedded systems training program online, certified and affiliated to ESSCI and NSDC under Govt of India. Drastic situations, such as the current pandemic, highlight the need for enhanced digitising to complement remote learning and telecommuting that observe social distancing. This article covers Emertxe’s prompt response in restructuring the learning environment for its current students, prioritising its students’ safety and digitally making it available for future batch students.

COVID-19’s impact on classroom training

The prevailing national lockdown situation since 22nd March 2020, necessitated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has posed great challenges to the traditional, classroom-based, tutorial models. For the moment, social distancing is here to stay until a vaccine for the COVID-19 is made affordable and available nationwide. Accommodating social distancing for a large number of students gathered in a classroom will require a huge amount of resources in order to provide satisfactory standards of education in a safe environment. In addition, due to travel restrictions, it will be difficult for students to attend the training sessions in Bangalore. It has been ensured that our current students, given their diverse origins throughout the country, are safe and are respecting the lockdown measures imposed by the State and Central Governments in India.

Emertxe’s Rapid Response Strategy in the face of COVID-19

Emertxe continues to rise above each one of the challenges by forging forward with edtech solutions by creating India’s first-ever embedded systems online course. The first and foremost response strategy was to communicate the next steps of how our current students would be continuing their education in a three-phased approach, registering the doubt and uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

The complete announcement can be watched on Youtube:

In order to ease students into technology-enabled learning on the embedded systems online course, which requires some degree of adjustment for students that are not used to independent learning, soft skills like effective communication and problem-solving were introduced. In phase-1 of the rapid response strategy to get up and running at the earliest, students were provided with Disha sessions – resume writing workshops and soft skill training to enhance their interview skills for when they return to employment in a post-COVID era. The Disha sessions are included in all of Emertxe’s courses, thus providing the opportunity to students to be well-rounded in all aspects, giving them the skills to not just succeed in their careers but their lives. We got an amazing response from our existing students by taking online engagement to a new level.

Phase-2 was to cover technical ground once the student has eased into online learning, by revising topics that have been covered in the past few months. This not only enforces learning by means of thorough revision but also imbibes confidence in the student’s attitude as they would be familiar with the course content and can further brush up their skills. Our senior mentors led phase-1 and phase-2 by not only covering the required topics but acting proactively and working to show how Team Emertxe is ready to support them during these challenging times.

Subsequently, we moved on with phase-3, where online learning resumed in full force, having given students time to familiarise themselves during phase-1 and phase-2. In the last month, we rolled out the following facilities to all our current students:

  1. Live Virtual Classes (LVC) – Delivering the topic by a senior classroom mentor like how they used to do in the physical classroom. The objective is to ensure students get a conceptual understanding and hands-on demonstration to programming.
  2. Recorded Classes – These Live Virtual classes are recorded and shared with all students. In case a student missed a concept or a topic, they can revisit it and make their understanding stronger in the conceptual aspect. These recordings along with many other self-paced learning videos were offered to students via a Learning Management System (LMS) platform which they could consume any time, anywhere from any device.
  3. Structured Intervention – These sessions are delivered as a planned shorter version of LVCs for various activities like assignment explanation, doubt clearing sessions, project explanation etc. These sessions are proving to be very critical as they enable our students to produce outcomes from their side.
  4. Evaluation and Support – Apart from intervention our mentors have created multiple support channels (Forums / Online chat / Email / WhatsApp groups etc..) to provide support to students and also evaluate their outcomes

This comprehensive approach is producing good outcomes, especially for our students who are taking it quite positively. With this three-phased approach, we are able to transition our existing students to a new way of learning without losing the overall effectiveness.

Launch of  India’s first placement oriented Online Embedded Systems Course

After this transition, the next obvious question popped up – What about future students? How are we going to offer our programs given the prolonged COVID-19 situation in India? With so much of our home-work done, the answer was obvious – launching our course online for future students as well. May 2020 marks a milestone for Emertxe with the launch of its Online Embedded Systems Course.

Emertxe’s online course in embedded systems is unique because of the 16 years of industry knowledge and best practices compiled into an online course that’s relevant to current technologies, future-ready and easily accessible. Online learning is not something new, it’s been there ever since Computer Based Trainings (CBTs) got introduced. Later it took different avatars, in forms of  Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Online assessment and certification portals, YouTube videos etc.

Each of these platforms serves its own purpose. From Emertxe’s perspective, it’s super important to drive the outcome. This only occurs when participants secure their first job. This adds additional responsibility to our course design methodology. Here are the top-3 aspects we have weaved into our online course to drive outcome-based learnings.

1. Digestible modules in diversified online packages

Each module is taught and structured in a step-by-step manner with clarity through current industry-relevant case studies, simple analogies and detailed examples. This is delivered in a combination of Live Virtual Classes (LVC), self-learning videos and the recorded videos of LVC. With this diversified approach learners build strong conceptual understanding and use-cases. Our core modules are split up into the following:

  • Linux Systems
  • Advanced / Embedded C Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Data Structures and Logic Analysis
  • Linux Internals and TCP/IP Networking
  • Micro-controllers (PIC) based Application Development
    Online Embedded Systems Course details

 2. Hand-holding and mentoring

Usually, MOOCs have an 80-90% enrollment rate but only a 10-15% completion rate as per statistics from CourseraandedX. In addition, Emertxe realises the embedded ideologies of traditional education in India where independent learning is still a new concept. The current lack of hand-holding and mentoring is what separates Emertxe from traditional course providers. At Emertxe the journey does not end when the qualification is gained, instead, when the student is placed at a firm.

Expert mentors are made available to students, not just during classes, but also after classes in a structured intervention and support model. This is done via our online Learning Management System (LMS) in the form of email, forums and chat. Whenever there is a query to be resolved, our mentors and faculty will be more than happy to assist the student. In addition to technical training, support students will have access to our mentors to evaluate and comb through the problems of mini-projects. Emertxe is proud to have the highest number of Qualified Mentors under one roof to deliver quality embedded systems engineering courses. This drives outcome from students thereby building skill and confidence to face placement companies. 

3. Industry affiliations and placement networks

If you have just completed your engineering course and your placement opportunity has been hampered by COVID-19, then you should look to upskill yourself with Emertxe’s online embedded systems course. Embedded systems are the future and the best candidates can secure careers in industries like automotive, mobile and healthcare, with the top brands in their fields such as Qualcomm, Huawei, Altran, Sharp, L&T Technologies to name a few. Technical training is provided to students by means of live virtual classes and recorded videos for self-learning so concepts can be thoroughly revised and revisited as per the student’s convenience with follow-up tutorials to comb conceptual difficulties. 

As the provider of India’s Only Online Embedded Systems Course with Placement Support, Certified by ESSCI and NSDC (Government of India, Ministry of Skill Development), Emertxe’s incredulous resourcefulness provides students with an added competitive advantage of securing placements. We provide unlimited placement opportunities for students upto one year after course completion. This combined with skill built via our online course would enable our students to sail through the difficulty imposed by COVID-19. 

In the 4 months prior to March 2020, more than 144 companies were part of Emertxe’s placement drive. Some of the companies part of the placement drive were Honeywell, Qualcomm, L&T Technologies, Sasken, Aricent, Sharp, Huawei Technologies, NXP Semiconductors, Mentor Graphics, Valeo, Graphene Semiconductors, Hinduja Tech, Brigosha, TCOE, Cavium Networks, Methode Electronics, Global Edge, American Megatrends, Lekha Wireless, Avin Systems, Path Partner Technologies, VVDN, Telaverge, Borqs, AK Aerotek, Aadyah Aerospace, Value Labs, Park Controls and Communications, Sloki Technologies, Tata Elxsi, Atria Logic, Mirafra Technologies, Dexcel Design, Mindtree.


In the new normal created by COVID-19, changing and adapting is key. We at Emertxe have already taken steps to embrace this change by providing India’s only NSDC certified embedded systems online course. We strive to provide our current and prospective students with not only the best learning opportunities but also the best professional opportunities to succeed in embedded systems engineering. It’s time for students to embrace edtech. Online learning is a lifelong skill for students to embrace and be future-ready. Reach out to our admission team to get details on how you can be at the forefront of creation and innovation via

Best Embedded systems training institute with placements in Bangalore.


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