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Free Online IoT Internship For Engineering Students - 2022

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Online Free IoT Internship for Engineering Students – 2023
IoT Internship

The Internship Ecosystem

An internship is a type of professional learning opportunity where engineering students get practical work related to their field of study or career interest. Through an internship, a student can explore and advance their career while acquiring new skills. From the organizational side, it gives a chance to cultivate talent, bring in fresh perspectives and energy, and perhaps even create a pipeline for future full-time workers. On the softer side an internship gives a glimpse of the workplace culture of a company.

In the Indian Engineering Education System, students can begin doing an internship during their undergraduate engineering studies. Considering the industry-academia gap that exists in India, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has brought a mandate for pre-final year engineering students to complete a month-long internship. For successfully completing the  internship, students will receive a final grade of 100 points in their End Semester examination. Students have to demonstrate the project they have worked on during their Internship along with the certificate provided by the company.

However, the ecosystem is completely broken when it comes to Tier-II and Tier-III Engineering Colleges. It has simply turned into a lose-lose situation. Multiple agencies have cropped up who charge students and handover certificates with no practical work being done. As a result, students no longer have the real-time exposure and learn from the workplace. 

Emertxe’s Mission to Make a Difference

Emertxe is India’s leading EdTech company for fresh engineering graduates who want to work in the field of Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). Established in 2003, Emertxe continues to fulfill its commitment to bridge the gap between academia and on-the-job skills required by the industry.

Emertxe is the prime provider of not only education when it comes to Internet of Things, but a whole ecosystem for any entity in the IoT domain to flourish. Our mission is to make a difference by bringing in a positive impact on the internship ecosystem by transforming into a win-win proposition. Hence last year we launched Free Online Internship in Embedded Systems in alignment with the AICTE mandate. At the high level it was broken into three components. 

1. Project based Internship:

At the start of the internship itself, students are provided with a real – time project. Along with the project they will be provided with exposure to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The typical SDLC consists of requirement analysis, design, coding, testing, release, etc. By explaining the project requirement and this SDLC process, students got how real time work happens in the industry.

2. Foundational Learning:

In order to implement the project, students need to be good with C programming languages and Embedded programming with Microcontrollers. These relevant skills were taught during the internship so that they will be able to build their projects on their own. In summary an unique combination of skill building and project building was taken as a part of the Internship.

3. DISHA Workshops:

To focus on the softer side of the skills, a series of workshops conducted in the name of DISHA. These workshops will provide them real-time perspectives on career building, resume preparation and how they can face interviews confidently. This comprehensive approach ensures students will get an internship with hands-on experience working on real projects, and a good resume that will help them get started. Multiple quizzes were also planned and the winners were given Goodies and Certificates from Emertxe to keep their motivation levels high.

During August 2021 Emertxe launched its Free Online Internship in Embedded Systems whichh was well received by the Academia, Industry and the larger media ecosystem. Our Embedded Systems Internship was a huge success with more than 10,000 interns and students from over 2,500 engineering colleges in India and around the world took part in it. Emertxe’s virtual internship program was being utilized by students all over the globe, including those from Korea, France, Kazakhstan, and Germany. With the help of the top learning mentors, Emertxe’s virtual embedded systems internships gave students a remarkable chance to complete the internships from any location. We got great feedback from the participants, which made us want to help more students by giving them free internships in other fields.


IoT Internshio

The Need for IoT Internship

In today’s world, everything is becoming smarter and trends are shifting constantly. The Internet-Of-Things (IoT) is emerging as a master umbrella to address the modern day requirements. Hence we are extending our internships in Internet-Of-Things (IoT) as we saw overwhelming success in our previously offered online internships in Embedded Systems. The first cohort of IoT Internships went live in April 2022.                                                                                                                      

The Internet of Things is a combination of several technologies employed in all possible use cases. Given this, it’s unclear for Engineering students and they wonder how to start skill and career building. Hence we have taken an End-to-End solution building approach, where the students will be able to build a complete solution by the end of the IoT Internship. This will also expose students to various components of IoT which includes IoT Device, IoT Gateway, Internet, IoT Cloud Platform and Applications. Considering the vast nature of IoT, we give hands-on programming experience on the Embedded Side and integration experience on the IoT Cloud side. Please take a look into a project that our students are able to build as a part of this internship. 

How to Apply for the IoT Internship ?

We recently completed 2 IoT Internships in  2022, and they were a huge success. We consequently decided to establish a 3rd Internship in IoT, which will start soon. Students can apply and register themselves for the upcoming IoT Internship (Cohort7)  using the link provided here Click here to apply for the free online IoT Internship. Students will then be taken to an online form where they can fill out the essential data. In order to qualify for the internship students need to clear an online written test conducted by our team. The test will be based on basic Aptitude and Electronics. Upon successfully clearing the written test cut-off, students will be inducted into the internship cohort by giving an offer letter. A formal kick-off meeting is planned followed by which they will get into internship execution aspects. 

IoT Internship


Internships act as a vehicle to bridge the gap between industry and academia. However in India, the internship ecosystem is diluted by creating a lose-lose situation. From team Emertxe, we have set ourselves on a journey to make a difference. Our roaring success for our last year’s Embedded Systems internship has pushed us further which has led our team to launch a similar internship in the Internet-Of-Things domain. As the world is getting more connected with devices, IoT offers excellent career opportunities for budding engineers. However there is a huge gap in terms of skills, which we are aspiring to address by offering our online free internship program in IoT.

Practical Learning, Project based outcome combined with Career building workshops, this IoT internship has emerged as an excellent package. For any engineering graduate who is aspiring to have their career in IoT, should definitely check out this internship. We are pretty sure it will open up a huge possibilities towards their future career. 

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