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Team Emertxe @ MVJ College, Bangalore.

Presentation followed by demo on Emb kits for final year post graduate students of MVJ College, Bangalore by Emertxe.

Presentation Topic – “Building careers in Embedded”

Demo – Embedded automation demo using Emertxe’s Embedded kits

Will be demonstrating two use cases of Emertxe’s self learning kits. Both use cases are part of the Internet-of-things (IOT) domain.

Use case-1 (Home automation)

  • In our daily life we do certain regular thing like switching on the water heater early morning to take a bath or say switching on the gate lights every day at dusk and switch off at dawn.
  • Our application will a simple demo on how we can achieve this with Emx PIC platform by interfacing with a lamp and PC fan.
  • This will demonstrate simple and effective home automation.

Use case-2 (Industrial automation)

  • This application to demonstrate automating industrial work-flows in the area of machine management especially in growing demography like India.
  • The application is interfaced with a stepper motor and IR sensor. It show how a stepper motor can be driven and control conveyor system, which is a typical use in beverage industry.
  • The user can count the objects moving on the conveyor belt using the IR sensor and keep track of total production, thereby automating industry work-flows
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