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Recent News on Embedded Freshers Placements Companies Bangalore News : Jan – July 2018, Emertxe, India

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Recent Embedded Fresher Placement News : Jan – July 2018

Recent News and Updates in Embedded Systems Placements for Freshers.Placements Report from Emertxe for the period of Jan 2018 to July 2018. MNCs, Mid-size companies and start-ups continue to hire our trained Embedded Systems Engineers.

At Emertxe our constant endeavour is to provide high quality trainings in the field of Embedded Systems and IoT to up-skill fresh engineers. Followed by training, achieving excellent placements with core companies continue to remain focus for our Embedded Systems training institute. As a part of our ongoing efforts, we would like to share some updates in form of this news post.

The effort from our training department in delivering these skills through our long term Advanced Embedded systems training programs is been progressing in a vibrant manner. Our primary focus lies on making freshers learn:

  • Programming languages such as Advanced C and Data Structures to improve logical and analytical skills and build a strong foundation to learn further embedded technologies
  • Programming Embedded applications on Linux platforms, Learning to port Linux on ARM based platforms, Linux device drivers programming, other than bare metal Micro-controllers programming and Embedded protocols are the subsequent modules which is delivered in a hands-on manner to make fresher as a complete embedded system engineer

On the placement side, we have been seeing excellent opportunities in the job market. The first and the second quarter numbers of companies visiting Emertxe Information technologies in 2018, for off-campus placements of trained embedded resources has been very encouraging. More than 150+ Placement drives has taken place till July end with top to mid-size companies like NXP Semiconductors, Sasken, Sharp, Robert Bosch, LnT Infotech, PathPartner, GobalEdge, VVDN Systems, UST Global, Valeo etc. Good number of these companies visited us multiple times during this period as the need for trained embedded engineers is growing quite well. Students from engineering colleges from all over India, have enrolled in this embedded system training and placement program delivered by our Institute.

While majority of the student enrolments in 2018 first half, for the embedded course are Students who have completed Engineering from Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Orissa; students from Madhya Pradesh, Assam and other states also come to Bangalore which hosts more than to secure their career in Embedded systems and IoT Courses to get their Fresher Jobs in core companies, which is a host to highest number of IT companies in this Sub continent.

These placement companies are working on core embedded systems design, R & D, testing and validation areas across various domains like Automotive, Defence, Networking, Security Systems, Medical Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare IT Solutions, IoT, Cloud, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Telecom, Media Processing, Broadband Technologies, Aeronautics, Transportation, Home Automation etc. It is our endeavour to share the information in open and transparent manner. Please check the list of placements companies at Emertxe here:

Our Students were able to get the committed number of opportunities, enough to get a fair chance to prove themselves and getting elevated to an embedded professional. Emertxe provides hands-on skills required to get core embedded jobs for freshers apart from the job /interview opportunities. Majority of the opportunities for Embedded systems (Say more than 80%), whether it is a Fresher Jobs or Experienced portfolio were always from Embedded Companies in Bangalore location. Our target is to attract another 200+ off-campus drives in the next 6 months.

Mid-August-2018, shows a healthy pipeline of already 30+ companies. These statistics should give confidence to the students who are undergoing the course at Emertxe, as well as the students who has the above queries in their mind, if there is a market for Embedded. Of course there is a market for Embedded, as long as people stop using products, which means the demand for embedded systems technologies is a perpetual phenomenon. What matter is, the pace at which we keep updating ourselves with emerging technologies in embedded domain.

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While we will continue our pursuit of empowering more lives to make their lives easier, the final success is the combination of our Expert trainers as well as the efforts from the learners’ side. With excellent market demand, practical hands-on exposure, high quality training contents, experienced mentors added with healthy pipeline of placement companies, we have all the ingredients to make your career take-off. All it requires is the commitment from hard-work to make it happen! Are you ready for it? The answer could be either yes or no, in both cases feel free to reach out to us, our counselling team would help you in making right career choice for you.

A Quick glance about Emertxe – Leaders in Embedded Systems, Linux and IoT Programming Courses:

  • Our Advanced Embedded Systems course is built in such a way that the fresh graduates are skilled up to suit industry needs. We are awarded as the best training institute of the year 2017 by Higher Education Review Magazine for our excellent training delivery and placement opportunity.
  • Go through the detailed list of companies and number of placed students so far through Emertxe, from our placements page
  • Stay updated about our placement news & know more success stories from our Emertxe – Facebook page
  • Emertxe is India’s First NSDC & ESSCI affiliated Embedded Systems Training Institute with 100% guaranteed placements. We have trained more than 60,000+ fresh engineers and working professionals since 2003.
Best Embedded systems training institute with placements in Bangalore.


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