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Recent placement news

Embedded systems placements – Recent companies list

In the recent past, following companies participated in placement process of the current batch.

placement company list - October 2015

These companies are working on core embedded systems design, R & D, testing and validation areas across various domains like Telecom, Media processing, IoT, Networking, Broadband technologies, Aeronautics, Transportation, Home automation etc. Considering that our embedded systems course is targeted as a horizontal offering, students are able to effectively participate in the selection process and received offer letters.

Another interesting note is – expectations from placement companies have gone up significantly. They expect proper combination of excellent C programming, Linux Internals, Network programming, Micro-controllers as technical skillset. We are also observing companies are giving very high importance for behavior and attitude of students, which is critical for them in making their teams successful.

Good number of students have already joined these organizations, some of them are in the process of attending advanced stage of interviews. We would like to wish our students all the best for their careers in these organizations.

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