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Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals | Upskill Your Career

Upskilling Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals

Transition Your Career Into Core Embedded Systems Domain

100% Career Transition Guaranteed to Embedded Domain

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

5 Months Evening Classes

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

2 Years Unlimted Placements

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

1300+ Placement Clients

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

40% Average Salary Hike

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Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals – Overview

Emertxe’s UpSkilling Online Embedded Systems Course for professionals is designed for working professionals who want to transition into the Core Embedded Systems domain. This immersive online program re-positions your skill-set and builds a solid resume as an Embedded Professional. With 1200+ placement companies in our portfolio, achieve your dream of working in a core industry.

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Learn during Evenings (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Live support for doubt clearing

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Interactive live classes

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

70% Practical + 30% Theory balance

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Resume prep and career planning sessions

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Master class with industry experts

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Notice period management and transition

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

2 years unlimited placement opportunities

Become an Expert in Embedded Programming

Industry Standard Curriculum – Transition Yourself

Emertxe’s online Embedded Systems Course for professionals Curriculum is designed in alignment with industry needs. As a working professional from a different domain, we understand your challenges. Hence, this curriculum will take you through a systematic skill building approach starting from basics. With excellent learner support in terms of structured interventions, you are all set to transition yourself as an Expert Embedded Systems Engineer.

Linux Systems

Linux has established itself as the primary choice when it comes to developing Embedded Systems. In this introductory module is intended to get new programmers up and running with Linux embedded environment. Starting with basics of Linux and its features, this module dives into essential commands, Shell scripting and using tools like Vim. By getting to know powerful Linux commands for redirection and pipes, lay strong foundation to automate routine tasks.

Advanced C and C++

Lot of book tells about what is programming. Many also tell how to write a program, but very few cover the critical aspect of translating logic into a program. This course builds on the basics of programming, smooth sailing through the advanced nitty-gritty’s of the Advanced C. You will also learn OOP features of C++.

Data structure and Algorithms

A firm understanding of data structures provides a basis for writing more efficient code in terms of time and size parameters. This course is intended to provide an understanding of data specification and abstraction using various Abstract Data Types (ADT). Along with introduction this course deep dives into hands-on aspects of how data structures are implemented.

Linux Internals and TCP/IP Networking

Currently most of the embedded systems are built over an operating system due to performance requirements and the resource complexity. This adds responsibility to developers to understand the OS capabilities in form of system calls . This course gives hands-on perspective on various Inter Process Communication (IPC) mechanisms.


A complete module deals with writing an Embedded C program for Hardware with PIC microcontroller. This module gives you first-hand experience of running your program on target hardware. In this module you will be getting hands-on working.

Embedded Linux on ARM

This module enables you to create a customized Embedded Linux distribution and bring it up on a ARM based target hardware. As a part of this module you will get exposed with various trends in Embedded OS, Making appropriate Open source choices for your Embedded device. This is an unique module combining various previous modules you have learnt by combining Linux administration, Hardware knowledge, Linux as OS and C programming.

Disha Workshops

As a part of Disha workshops in our online embedded systems course for professionals you will be learning non-technical aspects in terms of workshops. These workshops focuses on aspects like Resume Building, Facing interviews, Industry expert interaction, Soft-skills workshops etc. By attending these workshops you will gain knowledge on how to present yourself during interviews and set foundations for long term career success.

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Courses Schedule

Embedded Systems & IoT Courses with Placements – Regular Classes

Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (Online)9th Nov - 20204.5 MonthsRegister Now
Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (Evening)19th Oct - 20204.5 MonthsRegister Now
Virtual Online InternshipsTo be Announced6 WeeksRegister Now

Industry projects for your UpSkilling

Emertxe’s learning-by-doing approach ensures you build on projects. These projects are built based on real-time industry use cases. These projects will ensure you apply the learnings you had in your online embedded systems course for professionals classes and showcase them in form an impressive resume.

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Database tool

Project brief Database is a BASH shell based tool that is providing various operations to handle a particular database. Initially the data-base need to be pre-populated with some data for which the user will be provided with a set of commands (ex: add / modify / delete / search) using which he should be able to modify them. Along with this user functionality, this tool should record all the actions performed along with time-stamps for future references.
Since the idea of this tool is to exposure SHELL programming, CSV file is used as a data-base storing entity.
Technologies Used
  • Basic understanding of data-base operations
  • Timeout handling
  • Command parsing using Shell commands
Module Linux Systems & Shell Programming
Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals

Runtime Enforcement of Memory Safety for the C Programming Language

Project brief Memory access violations are a leading source of unreliability in C programs. Although the low-level features of the C programming language, like unchecked
pointer arithmetic and explicit memory management, make it a desirable language for many programming tasks, their use often results in hard-to-detect memory errors. While there are lot of solutions to this problem exists, each of them have their own limitations. This project’s idea is to introduce MemSafe, a compiler analysis and transformation for ensuring the memory safety of C programs at runtime while avoiding the above drawbacks.
Technologies Used
  • Compiler design
  • Memory layout understanding
  • Advanced pointers usage
Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Text indexing using Hash Algorithms

Project brief

Text Indexer is an application that helps to locate a particular text faster in given set of large data by keeping track of words and their locations in files. This console based application uses standard I/O for searching the words in the files.

The purpose of storing an index is to optimize speed and performance in finding relevant documents for a search query. Without an index, the search engine would scan every document in the corpus, which would require considerable time and computing power. The goal of the project is to achieve optimal searching by using Hashing.

Technologies Used
  • Hashing algorithms
  • File I/O
  • Text parsing
Module Data Structures and Algorithm
Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Network packet injector using RAW sockets

Project brief

One of the key requirements of network is the ability to handle large volume of data. Network should have necessary resilience to handle, which is simulated using Network packet injectors in test environment.

The goal of this project in our Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals is to create a command line based Network packet injector that will generate all major protocol packets (ex: HTTP). For implementation RAW sockets are used.

Technologies Used
  • TCP/IP network protocols – Headers & payload
  • RAW socket usage
  • Command line parsing
Module Linux Internals & TCP/IP Networking
Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Wifi Based Smart Meter

Project brief

Effective metering (ex: electricity) becomes critical in a connected world powered by Internet-Of-Things (IoT). By connecting heterogeneous devices to a WiFi network such things can be established.

The goal of this project in Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals is to implement a WiFi based smart metering solution by interfacing a PIC based device with WiFi module. Upon connecting with an access point, device will expose device information (ex: energy usage) which is eventually captured by the user via browser.

Technologies Used
  • WiFi module & sensor interfacing
  • HTTP protocol (Client & Server)
  • Internet-Of-Things – Exposure
Module Microcontroller Programming
Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

WiFi interface bring-up & Application porting

Project brief

In custom Embedded systems not all the interfaces would be working by default. This requires bringing-up specific interfaces either by writing a device driver from the scratch or compiling pre-existing drive module gets compiled into the custom Kernel, after which applications can be successfully ported.

The goal of this project is to compile a WiFi driver into the custom Kernel and port any standard TCP/IP based network applications on to the ARM target. Post porting target should be able to successfully do data exchange with host.

Technologies Used
  • Linux device driver – Basic level understanding
  • Kernel customization
  • Application porting
Module Embedded Linux on ARM

Core Placement Companies for your Career Transition

Emertxe has 1200+ companies in our placement portfolio. These companies work in various Embedded Systems Verticals like Automotive, Robotics, Internet-Of-Things (IoT), Electric Vehicles (EV), Consumer Electronics and many more. We have top-notch MNC to new age start-ups hiring our students in our Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals. 

Career Transition into Embedded – Next COULD be YOURS

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Aishwarya Chandini

Bangalore, Karnataka

I'm delighted with the online course curriculum and instruction. Mentors clarified doubts calmly no matter how often they were asked. Top-notch instruction helped strengthen my fundamentals.

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals
Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Rohit Prakash

Bangalore, Karnataka

Emertxe is great for embedded systems training and placements. All the firms that hires are core companies & Placement drives happens everyday.

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals
Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Siddhant Das

Patna, Bihar

I decided to join Embedded Online course at Emertxe to develop my skills in Embedded domain and training and doubt solving sessions were brilliant.

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Rakesh Bastawad

Belagavi, Karnataka

Emertxe is a good institute for anyone who wants to be in the Embedded domain. Mentors and the entire team of Emertxe is awesome, they work hard for the students.

Rakshana Sridhar

Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu

Teaching at Emertxe is wonerful which includes lab sessions, weekly tests, module tests. As I am working professional online evening classes were more helpful. Placement team is very supportive and there are many placement opportunities.

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Praveen Sankar

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

A very good institute to kick start your dream career in Embedded Systems. I was placed in Honeywell as an Embedded Engineer which was once a dream company for me.

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Ajmal Roshan Rahim

Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Emertxe's course and curriculum are well organised. The mentors teach everything from basics and are helpful and available 24/7 for clearing doubts. There is 100% placement guarantee.

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals


Average salary hike

Highest salary Package

Placement Drives Each Month

Placement Companies

Upskilling Embedded Systems Course – What makes it so successful?

Our UpSkilling Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals has got all the necessary components put together, which enabled your career transition. Live virtual classes, structured mentor interventions, online doubt clearing mechanisms, excellent placement support and certification from Skill India makes our UpSkilling Online Embedded Systems Course a complete package. Here are the three videos that describe the entire system explained by our team of mentors.

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Online Delivery Overview

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Placements Overview

Online Embedded Systems course for Professionals

Skill India Certification

Top Placement Opportunities

    Emertxe's online embedded systems course for Professionals places students well. Top businesses applaud our pupils, showing the course's usefulness. Modularized curriculum. Each course is intuitive, learner-friendly, and industry-standard. Online lab simulations provide industry-relevant practice. Our mentors designed simulations to help you compete . Mentors are available everyday for projects and lab experiments. Online and onsite students have equal placement possibilities. Over 95% of companies hire online, so you may work at your leisure.

Online/Offline Students have equal placements

    Placement is the same for online and onsite Emertxe students. After completing the fundamental programming module in the third month of the course, you may apply for placements after passing the Placement assessment exam. Our placement help lasts a year after course completion. The method is open and effective. It handles student applications, shortlisting, written tests/interviews, selection, and onboarding. Our placement staff will help you till you start work.

Level-5 certification under India's skill mapping

    Our online embedded systems training for beginners aligns with Skill India. At the completion of the course, students will be assessed by ESSCI, a sub-sector of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). After passing the exam, you'll be certified as an Embedded Software Engineer by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. This is a level-5 certification under India's skill mapping. This accreditation will boost your reputation. Get certified at Emertxe.

What Our Students Say?

Making students successful with respect to their career goals is the primary priority of team Emertxe. Even though many of our UpSkilling / Career break students come from older batches with non-embedded skill-set, they are able to transition into Core Embedded Systems through our Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals. Here is the gist of our recent success stories.

Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals – Master FAQ

We are pretty sure you will have lot of questions before joining our Online Embedded Systems Course for Professionals. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference. In case you still have anything specific write to us at

Placements – General FAQ

How to handle notice period?

In this scenario, you have two choices. To begin, you may choose the buy-out option, in which you pay a certain sum to your employer and leave immediately (If there’s any such policy available with your employer). second, to talk with your HR department regarding your notice period policy in order to shorten the notice period. Emertxe is unable to save its candidate in both circumstances. Because Emertxe offers Unlimited Placement Opportunities for a period of two years, you may complete the course and apply for placements after the notice period has expired.

I have a 2 years bond with current employer. How to handle it?

You’ll need to review the bond’s terms and conditions with your company; if it has buy-out options, you’ll either have to take them or attempt to have a clear talk and negotiate with your present employer. In both circumstances, Emertxe may serve as an advisor for the applicant but cannot help the candidate leave their current company. In the worst-case scenario, you may complete the contract and then apply for placements through Emertxe, which guarantees a two-year unlimited placements opportunity.

How will interviews be scheduled as I am working full time?

Emertxe will notify the applicant about the interview ahead of time. Because 95% of interviews are conducted online, candidates must set aside time in their calendar to attend the interview. In most cases, the interview date will assist both the student and the company. We will proceed with the interview procedure only when you have confirmed the time and date.

Course – General Course FAQ

I have some Embedded experience. How will this course help ?

Having previous embedded experience will help you in a variety of ways, as your foundation basics will be strong, but this course will focus primarily on hands-on training, industry-related syllabus, and practical assessments, which will help you not only to upskill in the embedded course, but also to expand your CV with numerous projects, certifications, and unlimited placement opportunities to land your dream job.

How to handle my classes, in case I miss them?

Emertxe offers the option of class recording, so if you miss a lesson, you can still view the sessions and learn what you need to know.

Do companies consider 2 years of non Embedded experience?

Embedded System Engineers are in high demand for a variety of reasons, and it makes little difference whether you come from an embedded or non-embedded background. By enrolling in the ECEP course, you will be developing both general (example – Algorithms) and particular (example – Microcontroller programming) abilities, resulting in a skills portfolio that falls within the ‘T’ model indicated below. You will have relevant skill sets and project experience, exhibited in the form of CV so that you may convert yourself into an embedded system engineer. You will be offered the same opportunity after completing the course as those with an embedded background. You may also read what our students have to say about us in the student transition review section.